DVD and Free Full Episodes

Locating a DVD or Blu-ray

To find DVDs or Blu-rays for a specific title or series, the first place to look is the Showtime online store at http://store.sho.com.

If you do not find the title you are looking for on the online store, you may want to try searching the catalog of one of the larger online retailers, such as Amazon.com or bn.com.  If you do not find the title at one of those retailers, you may want to continue your search by looking for that title at The Internet Movie Database, http://www.imdb.com.  If you are still unable to find a title after this research, it is likely this particular title has simply not been released directly to consumers.  You may want to sign up for email updates at SHO.com to be among the first to hear about DVD and Blu-ray release dates for your favorite programming.

You can also see free full episodes of some of our most popular Original Series at http://www.sho.com/video/full-episodes.

DVD Closed Captioning

All SHOWTIME Original Series DVDs are equipped with Closed Captions for the hearing impaired.  If you are having problems viewing Closed Captions you may want to ensure that both your television set and DVD player menus are set to pull captions, as the button on the remote will not be sufficient to turn the DVD's Closed Captions on or off. If you are still unable to receive Closed Captions on your DVD, it is possible that your DVD player may not be compatible (older players are not compatible with some newer DVD versions.)  If you are experiencing a defect with your DVD, you should contact the retailer from which you purchased the DVD. If the retailer from which you purchased the DVD is unable to handle your return at this time, try contacting the DVD distributor directly for further assistance.  Paramount Home Entertainment can be reached at phe_customerservice@paramount.com.

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